im megan and nick laws is my favourite man in the world
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"reblog if you’re not homophobic, keep scrolling if you are" is just tumblr’s equally irritating and pointless version of "share if u love god, ignore for satan"

But I love Satan!



thank u for being a cooler blog than me and not unfollowing me yet

Anonymous asked: So an inhabited island with great weather; a little windy, mostly sunny but sometimes a bit cloudy too, for 7 months. There will be food, but not that much and you need to share and catch fish or other animals. You won't have a house at first, but Dan/Jack will build you one! So, who will be your survivor guy?


Choosing Jack because -

-We’re VERY similar so after the initial panic (and awful grumpiness) of being stuck on an island, we’d get on fine and probably have lots of lols.

-He’d manage without the internet and I fear for Dan without wifi.

-He’s quite tidy so wouldn’t mess the hut up (that I’d have to build).

-Phil would miss Dan too much so would be mean to choose him.


””“”“why did you cut your hair?::”“”“”  i cut my hair to piss you off. specifially you, i was thinking of you when i cut my hair. i was thinking that you, specifically, would be interested in what my newly short hair meant to you, specifically.




I need feminism; because the bra straps of a twelve year old shouldn’t make a 40 year old married principal with two daughters “uncomfortable”

So am I allowed to walk around adult women who are mothers and grandmothers at work with my cock out or what

in what world is someone’s dick equivalent to a fucking bra strap


Police have now captured Perez and he’s in police custody.




I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?